Sunshine Bay Residence

K.J. Rees was approached to undertake a significant and challenging project in the heart of the Midlands. Dubbed 'The Riverside Project', this endeavor aimed to transform a dilapidated industrial area into a vibrant, mixed-use community space, blending residential, commercial, and public areas seamlessly.


The primary challenge of the Riverside Project was twofold: firstly, the need to preserve the historical integrity of the area, which held significant cultural value to the local community. Secondly, the project required innovative solutions to integrate sustainable, eco-friendly building practices, aligning with our commitment to environmental responsibility. The complex nature of this mixed-use development demanded a delicate balance between modern functionality and historical preservation.

Our Solution:

Our approach began with extensive consultation with local historians, residents, and environmental experts. We employed a design that paid homage to the area's industrial past, using reclaimed materials and incorporating existing structures into the new design wherever possible.

In terms of sustainability, we implemented cutting-edge green technologies. This included the installation of solar panels, green roofs, and advanced water recycling systems. Our construction methods prioritized energy efficiency and minimal environmental impact, utilizing locally sourced materials and reducing waste through precise planning and execution.

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